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Natural and Organic Lubricant - available in 2 sizes 100ml and 30ml


Dive into the seductive embrace of our Wild Coconut Intimacy Glaze, where pure organic coconuts meet the allure of natural ingredients, crafting a tantalizing treat ready to elevate your intimate moments with a playful touch.


Indulge in the silky smooth texture of this luxurious glaze as it heightens sensation and provides a delectable glide for both solo and partnered pleasure. Experience the exotic aroma of wild coconut as it transports you to a tropical paradise, enhancing the sensory experience of intimacy. Formulated with only the highest quality ingredients, our Wild Coconut Intimacy Glaze is designed to nourish and moisturize the skin, leaving you feeling irresistible and confident. Whether used for massage, foreplay, or solo exploration, this glaze is sure to add a layer of sensuality and excitement to your intimate encounters. Elevate your sexual wellness and ignite your passion with the alluring allure of our Wild Coconut Intimacy Glaze.

Wild Coconut Intimacy Glaze - Mini

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  • Organic Coconut Oil

    • Our star ingredient is the secret behind our Intimacy Glaze's irresistibly smooth and silky texture that stays clear of any stickiness. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, it's clinically proven to be safe for even your most delicate areas.


    • Embrace the sweetness without the guilt or stickiness. This natural, zero-calorie sweetener not only treats your taste buds but also pampers your skin. Stevia is brimming with antibacterial and antioxidant wonders, including flavonoids, triterpenes, tannins, caffeic acid, kaempferol, and quercetin. It might be a lot to say, but we know you're up for the challenge.
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